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Monday, 15 February 2016

John Cena WWE Pencil Box - Magnetic

Looking for something useful to gift a child for his/her birthday? Check out these cool and reasonably priced WWE pencil boxes.

John Cena WWE Pencil Box - Red

This pencil box features John Cena and his characteristic salute! There are 4 functions according to the product description including buttons that reveal secret pop-out sections when pressed.

John Cena Pencil Box - Blue

Looking for a WWE pencil box in blue? Here's another one featuring 15-time WWE Champion, John Cena. Check out the reviews!

John Cena Pencil Box - NEVER GIVE UP

The inspiring words "Never Give Up" appear alongside a picture of John Cena. Cena has long been one of the most inspirational characters in WWE and his message of perseverance and hard work continues to inspire millions of fans across the globe.

According to the product description, this pencil box has 2 functions.

Multi-functional pencil boxes help to keep stationery organized and accessible. They're also great fun to use and children enjoy them.

Friday, 12 February 2016

WWE Fastlane 2016 India Time, Date & Repeat Telecast Details

The main event of WrestleMania 32 will be decided at Fastlane! Don't miss the action. Here are the details of the Fastlane 2016 India time as well as the repeat telecast details. Who will win between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and go on to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage of them all - WM 32?

WWE Fastlane 2016 Date in India - 22nd February, 2016.

Also on the card is a US Championship title match between Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio. The WWE Divas Championship match will also be on the line in a match between Charlotte and Brie Bella.

On which channel to watch WWE Fastlane in India - Ten Sports.

Those of you hoping for a live telecast of Fastlane 2016 in India will be disappointed. Indian wrestling fans will have to settle for a delayed broadcast of about 12 hours.

However, WrestleMania 32 in April, will be telecast live on Ten Sports. The timings will be updated in a separate post later on.

Fastlane 2016 India Time - 6 PM IST.

Note: The WWE Fastlane 2016 time in India is subject to changes by the channel. In case of any changes, I will update them here.

WWE Fastlane Repeat Timings India - see below....

If Monday evening is an inconvenient time, don't miss the repeat telecast of Fastlane on Wednesday (24th February) at 9:00 pm IST.

You can also watch a repeat at 1:30 pm on Sunday (28th February).

Remember, the Fastlane 2016 timing on Ten Sports is 6 pm IST on 22nd February and the Fastlane repeat time on Ten Sports is 9 pm IST on 24th February, 2016. Enjoy the telecast!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

WWE Main Event Time in India & Repeat Telecast Schedule

Make a note of the WWE Main Event time in India and catch the show every week on Ten Sports. Here are the details of the full TV schedule including the repeat telecast timings. WWE Main Event is a secondary wrestling show and features mostly mid-card wrestlers.

WWE Main Event Time in India - 6 pm IST on Ten 1 every Thursday

The duration of the show is 1 hour and some of the content includes highlights from RAW. If you're wondering what to do on a Thursday evening, then this is the show for you.

WWE Main Event Repeat Telecast Timings in India

If you miss the show on Thursday evening, don't miss the repeat telecast later on. The WWE Main Event repeat telecast timings in India are as follows -

Thursday - 10 pm IST

Friday - 8 am IST

The show made its debut in USA in 2012 but it only came to India in 2015. Thanks to Ten Sports, the WWE experience in India has grown in leaps and bounds!

Here are some of the Top WWE Main Event Moments!

Monday, 4 January 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Time in India, Telecast Date & Channel

The first WWE pay-per-view of the year has us all excited! Here are the details of the Royal Rumble 2016 time in India along with the telecast date and channel. Who will win this year's Royal Rumble match and go on to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the main event at Wrestle Mania?

Royal Rumble Telecast Date in India - 25th January, 2016.

25th January, 2016, is a Monday. The good news is that the next day is a national holiday so sit back and enjoy the action!

TEN SPORTS will telecast the event!

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Time in India - 6 PM IST

The Royal Rumble 2016 timing is subject to changes by the channel. If there are changes in the schedule, I will update it here.

Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble match in 2015 and went on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Mania 31. This year, 'The Powerhouse' is the champion and will lead the way on the 'Road to WrestleMania'.

WWE Royal Rumble Repeat Telecast Timings in India -

If you think you'll miss the original telecast at 6 pm on Monday, the repeat telecast schedule is as follows -

27th January, 2016 - Wednesday - 9 pm IST.

Don't forget - the Royal Rumble timing in India is 6 pm IST and the date to watch it is 25th January, 2016, on Ten Sports!

In the meantime, predict the winner in the poll below!

After the Royal Rumble match concludes, the Road to WrestleMania will officially begin.

Wrestle Mania 32 is going to be a huge event and the Royal Rumble results will have a major role to play in its development.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

John Cena in India - WWE Live in New Delhi 2016

Update: John Cena is injured. Roman Reigns has replaced him.

Wow! Imagine what it's going to be like to see John Cena in person at the WWE Live event in New Delhi. John Cena is one of the most popular WWE superstars in India and it's a great opportunity for fans to catch him in action. WWE Live India 2016 kicks-off on 15th and 16th January, 2016, at the IGS Stadium in Delhi.

John Cena Matches at WWE Live India 2016 -

John Cena will renew two old rivalries when he enters the ring at the IGS Stadium in Delhi. Here's a day-wise break-up -

1. John Cena vs Big Show (January 15th)

2. John Cena vs Rusev (January 16th)

The winner of both matches is easy to predict - John Cena!

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

WWE NXT Timings in India (IST) - Ten Sports Schedule

NXT is a thrill to watch. It's nowhere as big as the RAW and Smackdown brands but it's bursting with unbelievable talent.

Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, all had their beginnings in NXT and there's no doubt that NXT wrestlers like Finn Balor and Baron Corbin are going to make a huge impact in WWE in the future. Here are the details of the WWE NXT timings in India so that you can tune-in too!

WWE NXT Time in India - 5 pm IST every Saturday.

NXT is the developmental wing of WWE. Wrestlers who make the grade on NXT are usually considered for promotion to the main roster on shows like RAW and Smackdown.

NXT was founded by Triple H in August, 2012.


If you're busy in the evening, the show will repeat again at night.

WWE NXT Repeat Telecast Time in India - 10 pm IST on Saturday.

The current WWE NXT champion is Finn Balor. He beat Kevin Owens at 'The Beast in the East' in July 2015, to win the title.

Here he is is, diving over the top rope against Samoa Joe!

Make a note of the WWE NXT timings in India and catch the action!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

WWE Smackdown Timings on Ten Sports With Repeat Telecast Schedule

Here are the details of the WWE Smackdown timings in India including the repeat telecast schedule. Smackdown follows on the heels of RAW and kicks-off the weekend with a bang.

Ten Sports WWE Smackdown Timings in India (IST)-

Unlike RAW, Smackdown is not regularly telecast live in India!

WWE Smackdown telecast time in India is 5:00 pm IST every Friday. The show runs for two hours and features the top WWE superstars in in-ring action. Very often, WWE Smackdown turns out to be way more exciting than Raw! It's fun to watch.

WWE Smackdown Repeat Telecast Time on Ten Sports -

If Wednesday morning is a bad time because you're busy or can't wake-up early, the channel gives you ample opportunities to catch up on all the fun. The Smackdown repeat telecast timings on Ten Sports are as follows:

Friday - 10 pm IST

Saturday- 11 am IST

Monday - 8 am IST

WWE Smackdown Hindi Telecast Timings on Ten Sports

One of the cool initiatives taken by the channel to improve the WWE experience for viewers in India, was to introduce Hindi commentary for shows like Raw & Smackdown. It's a unique & enjoyable experience to watch a show that's specifically tailor-made for Indian fans. The timing for Smackdown in Hindi is as follows - The telecast time for WWE Smackdown in Hindi is at 11:30 am IST every Sunday.

Exciting times lie ahead for wrestling fans in India. Let's hope that all WWE pay-per-views will be telecast live like WrestleMania & Summer Slam and that shows like Smackdown will be telecast live too!

Don't forget - the WWE Smackdown telecast time in India is 5 pm every Friday.

(Note: The timing and schedule is subject to changes by the channel.)